A Successful Stem Cell Transplant Begins With a Donor Match

A blood cancer diagnosis marks the start of a race against time. For many patients, the only chance of survival is to find a matching bone marrow or blood stem cell donor as quickly as possible. This at the heart of the DKMS mission - to find matching donors for every patient.

Cody’s Unselfish Act Gave Ella a Second Chance.

Ella Meets Her Donor

For many kids like Ella, a stem cell transplant is the only way to be cured of cancer. The impact of a donation on a child is truly lifesaving, but not all children are able to find a suitable donor in the registry. This means a parent hears "your child needs a transplant to survive but we can't find a match. I'm so deeply sorry." That is unacceptable.

Joining the registry is as simple as swabbing your cheek and sending it in! The donation process itself is fully paid for, quick, and painless. To join the registry, click “Register Now”.

Cody’s Family Meets Ella’s Family

Tears flow as Cody meets the recipient of his stem cell donation

100% of all donations go directly to Project Stella research at Fred Hutch (501c3 non-profit)