Project Stella Fundraising

Due to the overwhelming generosity of our donors, we have raised approximately $1,642,624 of the $2 million needed to submit to the FDA for approval. We are so grateful to everyone who have opened their hearts to such a worthy cause. This is our chance to change the story of childhood leukemia. This is our chance to save the lives of children who are given such little hope. We are so close, and we have so little time. Your generosity has been overwhelming.

The Funding Problem

Why have only 3 new drugs been approved for pediatric cancer in over 30 YEARS!!!!

  • Because the market for pediatric therapies is smaller than that of adults, it doesn't incentivize private industry and pharmaceutical companies to invest. Basically, there isn't enough of a monetary payoff for pharma.

  • With less incentive for private industry to invest in pediatric research, the roles of philanthropies and the federal government become critical for childhood drug development.

  • Federal research dollars allocate only 4% of all cancer research dollars toward childhood cancer. Only 4%! Moreover, funding is typically awarded based on ranking of research proposals and reach, regardless of specific disease and need. As a result, 'rare' forms of pediatric cancer are overlooked ("Translating Discovery into Cures for Children with Cancer," American Cancer Society).

It is because of this that private funding is so crucial in finding cures for aggressive forms of childhood cancer, like those being researched at Project Stella. All donations go straight to the Meshinchi Lab for Project Stella research!

Current Fund Raising Totals

Marcus Miller, Stella’s Uncle

Marcus, a Jazz Musician, Producer and Film Composer requests your help in the video to the left.