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Joe and I are so grateful for your ongoing support of Project Stella at Fred Hutch Cancer Center and our baby girl, Ella.  Since we joined Project Stella in 2020, many of you have asked for periodic updates on research advances, Ella's progress, and ways to help. 

The newsletter seeks to inform and advocate, provide research updates, share stories of other kids fighting high-risk AML including pictures.

As we discover and understand more about the various genetic mutations in pediatric AML, we are better able to identify targets.    Immunotherapy goes after these targets- resulting in a treatment that is far more effective and less toxic.  

Thank you again for your love and ongoing support. We would not be here without each and every one of you.  

-Christina, Joe, William, Lily, and Ella Siders

We need an army of supporters in the battle against pediatric AML, so we are asking you to join us by forwarding our newsletter to friends and family.  They can subscribe by clicking on the secure link in the newsletter or the subscribe button below.  We will not clutter your inbox!  We plan to send updates periodically. Our hope is to extend awareness of high-risk pediatric AML and the families it affects.  Ultimately our goal is to change the story for children battling this devastating disease.

Project Stella Newsletters

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4th Edition December 21, 2022

3rd Edition March 1, 2022

2nd Edition Oct 13th, 2021

1st Edition  May 11th, 2021

October 27, 2021

Research Update to the Project Stella donors.  Dr Meshinchi gives a frank summary of why Project Stella has achieved major milestones in such a short time and why the next phase of CAR T cell therapy is critical to finding a cure for this devastating form of AML.